As a committed history nerd, I spend much of my life in the past. In my day job, I teach United States History and Mexican-American History at Brookhaven College, and online for the University of North Texas. I’m also a graduate student working on a PhD in History, also at the University of North Texas. Generally, I’m most interested in the histories of the United States and Mexico during the 19th century, but specifically Texas after the Civil War.

Outside of my day job, I spend most of my free time watching television and movies, or reading (mostly history, but occasionally comic books and emergent theology). I host and edit the History Banter Podcast and occasionally appear on the Podcast that Goes Snikt!! (@sniktcast on Twitter) to talk about comic books. I’m also a soccer fan (FC DALLAS!!!). If you’re interested, you can follow me on Twitter – @cameronsinclair.

BTW – I wrote this while my students were taking an exam!