History Banter Podcast, Episode 32: A History of X-Men in Comics and Film w/ Jason Venable

This week, Brad Folsom and I (Cameron Sinclair) are joined once again by Jason Venable (The Podcast That Goes Snikt!!) to discuss the history of Marvel Comics’ X-Men, from their introduction in 1963 to the most recent X-Men movies. Why do the X-Men remain so popular? How has the comic followed or led the arc of social change? Did Stan Lee plan the parallels to civil rights all along, or was he just lucky? Will Brad issue a formal apology for briefly suggesting that comic book publishers may be more interested in making money than advocating for social change? All this and more…



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On the next podcast – V for Vendetta (2005) LIVE!

Intro music from this episode:
“Fall in Love” from Voices by Phantogram – phantogram.com

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