History Banter Podcast, Episode 26: The Americans (FX, 2013-) w/ William Yancey and Javier Lopez

This week, Brad Folsom and I (Cameron Sinclair) are joined by our good friends William Yancey and Javier Lopez to look at season 1 of the FX show, The Americans (2013-), starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as deep-cover Soviet KGB agents living in the United States. Set in the 1980 during the early years of the Reagan Administration, the show following the lives of these two spies, as well as the lives of an FBI agent (Noah Emmerich) hunting spies and a Russian informant (Annet Mahendru) looking for asylum. Throw in some sex, wigs, and giant 1980s glasses and you get the gist of this show. Is the show convincing? Does it get American viewers to feel sympathy for Soviet spies trying to destroy America? And how tragic/crazy/odd is Martha (Alison Wright)?


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On the next podcast – Klondike (2014)

Intro music from this episode:
“Welcome to Japan” from Comedown Machine by The Strokes – thestrokes.com

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